Smart Factory

High technology ensures guaranteed quality

Increased production efficiency through process automation

Osong, South Korea

Oral Solid

Manage production to warehouse through automated IT systems (QMS,LIMS,EMS)
Dedicated facility for mass production of oral solid
Capacity: 20Billion Tablets / Year
Vertical Transfer System (VTS)
Enclosed system to prevent cross-contamination, influx of any foreign materials, or tablet breakage
Vertical Transportation System (VTS)
Facilities for Tableting
Multi-layered tablet machine, Tab-in-Tab machine, IR tablet machine


Equipped with Qualified Injection manufacturing facility
First in Korea to equip Dual Chamber Syringe (DCS) charging line
Capacity: 0.6Billion Vials / Year
Equipped with facilities equivalent to original’s manufacturing scale,
which prevents quality variance occurring from facility difference
Facilities serving wide manufacturing coverage:
  • Spray Dryer: New Spray-drying machine (CIP/SIP/aseptic process)
  • Homo mixer: Core manufacturing facility for Emulsion method
  • DCS filling machine: Custom-built facility
  • Isolator: Equipped with enclosed isolators for high potent API