Management that places corporate ethical compliance with an assertive attitude as the code of conduct

CP Activities

Daewoong Pharmaceutical is actively engaged in the CP activities.

1st ex-post audit on ISO 27001 (information security)/ISO 27701 (personal information protection) international standard certifications
1st ex-post audit on ISO 37001 (anti-bribery management system) international standard certification (after certification renewal)
Officers and employees company-wide sign the anti-corruption and fair competition pledge (1,907 officers and employees)
General and intensive fair-competition training for new transferees of the sales and marketing department for the first half of the year (26 employees)
CP/anti-competition training for interns (16 interns)
Became the first company to simultaneously obtain ISO27001(information security) and ISO27701(personal information protection) certifications
Signed the 2022 Korean Association for Industrial Technology Security Project for Enhancement of Security at Mid-Size Enterprises and received government subsidies
Conducted due diligence on product information sessions and symposia where lodging is provided
5th advanced development phase for the economic benefit and expenditures reporting system (process automation and improved monitoring efficiency)
General and intensive fair-competition training for new transferees of the sales and marketing department for the second half of the year
Received a regular CP audit for LG Life Sciences partners
Received a regular CP audit for AstraZeneca Korea partners
Regular update of the 2022 company-wide corruption risk assessment report
Conducted 2022 internal audit on anti-corruption management (random selection of 36 teams from headquarters, research center, and factories)
2022 Anti-corruption CEO management review report
Anti-corruption training for all employees (1,847 persons)
24th amendment to CP SOP
Conducted anti-corruption and CP training for all employees for 2021
Conducted training and instruction of marketing department personnel on rebate prevention and fair competition (completed by 413 employees)
Provided general and intensive instructions on fair competition for newly transferred members of the sales and marketing department (completed by 20 employees)
ISO37001 certification renewed
Continuing education and renewal of certification for certified compliance professionals (CCPs) (current number of certified professionals: 7 Class I professionals, 1 Class II professional)
ISO37001 examiner certification acquired (2 employees)
Expanded communication channels on compliance regulations and laws (FAQ notice and internal inquiry boards)
11th CP committee (a total of 62 new sales and marketing plans reviewed, 9 sent back)
Exhaustive review of sales and marketing budget expenditures
Three instances of on-site due diligence on product information sessions where invitees were provided lodging
Made the 23rd revision for CP SOP
Strengthened CP monitoring for co-promotion product marketing activities
Advanced the economic interest expense report system (3rd time)
Tightened standards for product presentations targeting health professionals
Created online CP Q&A/FAQ bulletin boards
2020: Attended KPBMA ethical management academy/workshop
2020: Company-wide anti-corruption training
2020: Sales/marketing CP training
ISO 37001 ex-post audit (3rd year)
Added 1 CCP-certified person
Conducted follow-up review for ISO 37001 (2nd year)
Advanced the economic interest expense report system (2nd time)
Invited an outside expert to provide compliance training to employees
Published CP Handbook 5th Edition (Supplementary)
Ensured that all CP staff had CCP Level 1 qualification
Reinforced the CP operating process
Obtained ISO 37001 certification of anti-bribery management
※ International anti-bribery management system
Developed an economic interest expense report system
Published CP Handbook 5th Edition
Ensured that 3 employees newly acquired Certified Compliance Professional (CCP) Level 1
Received AA rating in CP rating 2 consecutive times
(first in the pharmaceutical industry)
Send CP letters to all management and employees twice a month
(send relevant laws/regulations and issues)
Constructed ‘economic profit expenditure report’ system
Pre-post inspection for constructing a CP monitoring CES system
Publish CP FAQ guidebook
Newly establish the Daewoong Pharmaceutical ‘webzine’ compliance board
CP work organization → Legal team/CP team operated separately
Received AA rating in CP ratings
(first in the pharmaceutical industry, highest rating)
Awarded ‘Presidential Medal’ on Fair Trade Day for autonomous compliance manager
Published 4th CP handbook
Foster holders of grade 1 compliance management experts
Operate legal CP team (appointed legal advisor attorney)
Published third CP handbook
Newly organized CP team directly under the CEO
In-company cyber classroom
Newly established fair trade training course
(8 classes, supported by the company)
Published ethical management handbook
Published second CP handbook
Enacted integrated CP regulations for Daewoong Group
2008 Compliance Program history
Published the first CP handbook in the pharmaceutical industry
Introduced fair trade autonomous compliance program
Established compliance organization