We aim to be a global healthcare leader, going beyond the Korean market
We aim to be a global healthcare leader, going beyond the Korean market

Growth to a global healthcare group

Present ~ 2010
Received government funding for manufacturing equipment of COVID-19 treatment drug DWRX2003
Signed export agreement with China for next-generation gastroesophageal reflux disease treatment Fexuprazan
Acquired license for manufacturing biotech pharmaceutical products
Developed COVID-19 treatment and selected for a government-sponsored project
Concluded agreements with Seasun Biomaterials and Genomictree to supply COVID-19 test kits
Selected as a company with the highest grade in work innovation (Grade SS)
Obtained “Best HRD” in 2020, a certification for human resources development
Obtained “KOSHA-MS,” a certification for the safety and health management system
Novel diabetes drug Enavogliflozin designated for expedited review for the first time in Korea and conducted a phase 3 clinical trial
Registered as a bio-pharmaceutical accelerator, and sign an MOU with Gyeongsangnam-do, Gimhae, and Inje University
Established iN Therapeutics, a drug discovery company (spun off from Daewoong Pharmaceutical)
AEON Biopharma, a partner company in the botulinum toxin market for advanced countries, approved for a phase 2 clinical trial in the US
Selected as a company to be supported by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MDFS) for Quality by Design (QbD)
Launched the “Say Pain” project, and published AAC Picture Book for people with developmental disabilities, and easy-to-read books for infectious disease prevention and COVID-19
Operated the second volunteer group of college students and employees for the “Say Pain” project
Independently developed botulinum toxin Nabota obtained marketing authorization in Taiwan and Brazil
Obtained halal certification for Easyef Topical Solution and Epodion through Daewoong Infion, a joint venture in Indonesia
Concluded agreements with Mexico and Brazil to export the next-gen gastroesophageal reflux disease drug Fexuprazan
Established AffyXell Therapeutics, a joint venture specializing in cellular therapeutics, with the British biotech company Avacta
Daewoong Pharmaceutical alone surpassed KRW 1 trillion in sales volume for the first time
Acquired International Quality Management System Standard ISO9001
Completed phase 3 clinical tests for the next-generation gastroesophageal reflux disease medicine, ‘Fexuprazan’
Received ‘Best 100 Companies to Work at in Korea’ award
Received Minister of Employment and Labor Award at the ‘2019 Company Togetherness Awards & CSR Film Festival’
Government Innovative Pharmaceutical Company award
Launched proprietarily developed botulinum toxin ‘Nuceiva’ (Canadian product name) in Canada
Received sales permit in Europe for proprietarily developed botulinum toxin ‘Nuceiva’ (European product name)
Acquired International Environmental Safety and Health Certification 'ISO 14001', 'ISO 45001'
US FDA designated new pulmonary fibrosis drug DWN12088 as rare drug
Founded ‘Don’t Wait Project Volunteer Corps 1’ for the healthy life of people with developmental disorders
URSA 300mg’, acquired indication for ‘prevention of gallstone after stomach incision’ for the first time in the world
Officially launched proprietarily developed botulinum toxin ‘Jeuveau’ (US product name) in the US
Launched ‘Olomax’ which simultaneously targeting high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia
Officially opened ‘Daewoong Pharmaceutical News Room’
‘Nabota’ phase 3 clinical trial results in US was published in SCI-level international academic journal
Investment cooperation with Vietnam’s largest pharmaceutical company ‘Traphaco’
New pulmonary fibrosis drug DWN12088 selected as government-supported project
Hyangnam plant acquired International Safety Health Management System Standard ISO 45001
Internally developed botulinum toxin approved by USFDA, being the first in Asia
Acquired Anti-Corruption Management System ‘ISO 37001’
Quality Circle received Presidential Gold and Silver Award at the ‘National Quality Management Convention’
Nabota acquired the first eye wrinkle indication among domestic botulinum toxin
Quality Circle received the first Grand Prize at the 2018 International Convention on QC Circles (ICQC2018) in the pharmaceutical industry
Established ‘Health Life/Technology Coexistence Fund’
Nabota plant received EU GMP approval
Nabota plant received Canadian GMP approval
Established ‘Daewoong Infion’ bio research center in Indonesia
New drug DWP14012 selected as government-supported project
Nabota plant received cGMP approval in the US
Chairman Yoon Jae-seung, Vice-chairman Lee Jong Wook resigned
Yoon Jae-Chun, Jeon Sengho appointed as CEO to begin professional management system
'Daewoong Infion’ selected as the best bio pharmaceutical company award
Completed Nabota Plant 2 with 4.5 million vials production capability annually
Completed construction of the Osong Plant in Chungbuk with high-tech cGMP facilities
Hyangnam plant re-certified as ‘2017 Gyeonggi Good Work Place Company (GGWP)’
Acquired certification for Outstanding Human Resource Development Institute
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Research Center ‘Daewoong Bio Center’ completed
Prime Minister’s Citation for 'Good Gender Equality Employment Company’
Antibiotic 'Daewoong Meropenem Injection' acquired US FDA approval
Received ‘AA’ rating for two consecutive years from the Fair Trade Commission’s '2016 CP ratings'
Began construction of new plant in Osong, Chungbuk with cGMP levels
Honorary Chairman Yoon Young-hwan received ‘Most Respected Entrepreneur of Korea Award’
Established ‘Ggeumteul Ggeumteul Playground’, an obstacle-free playground at Seoul Children’s Park
Began co-operation with Hanol Bio Pharma
Completed the ‘Daewoong Infion’ bio plant in Indonesia
Received Presidential Award on Fair Trade Day
Olostar received ‘Technology Award’ at the 16th Korean New Drug Awards, New Drug Development Sector
Received CP rating of ‘AA’
Inauguration of Lee Jong Wook as vice-chairman
Received Prime Minister’s Award in science technology at the ‘Korean New Growth Management Awards’
‘Nabota’ selected as world-class product (MOTIE, KOTRA)
Selected for the ‘2014 Gyeonggi Good Work Place Company’ (Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Center, Gyeonggi-do)
Established ‘Daewoong Pharmaceutical Liaoning Research Institute’ in China
Established Japanese corporation
Inauguration of Yoon Jae-seung as chairman, and Yoon Young-hwan as honorary chairman
Received AA in corporate credit rating
Selected as ‘work-study program’ company (HRD Korea)
Launched botulinum toxin ‘Nabota’ in Korea
Launched new compound Olmesartan-Rosuvastatin drug 'Olostar' in Korea
Received ‘Technology Export Award’ at the Korean Drug Development Awards (Korea Drug Research Association)
Received Prime Minister’s Award for Family-friendly Company
Acquired 2013 Family-friendly Company certification
Received 2013 Innovative Pharmaceutical Company Award
Acquired Chinese pharmaceutical company ‘Baifeng’ to establish Liaoning Daewoong Pharmaceutical
Credit rating predicted to be upgraded to A+Positive
Registered utility model for the ‘Caretropin Pen Injection’ in Russia
Established ‘Daewoong-Infion’ joint-venture in Indonesia
Established corporation in India
‘Caretropin Pen Injection’ received ‘2011-2012 World Star Award’
Selected for the Global Corporate Fostering Project in 'World Class 300'
Selected as 'Innovative Pharmaceutical Company’
Opened the first in-company childcare facility in pharmaceutical industry ‘Little Bear Day Care Center’
Pen injection received Minister of Knowledge and Economy
URSA and Albis received quality certification (GH)
Family-friendly company certification extended to the end of 2013
URSA selected as world-class product
Implemented world’s first herpes labialis treatment with recurrence prevention effects

Daewoong introduced its outstanding R&D capabilities by developing "first-in-class“ and "best-in-class" products

2009 ~ 2000
Next-generation pain killer new drug DWP05195 began clinical trials
Established pharmaceutical research institute in India
Received Prime Minister’s Award at the 'National Productivity Awards’
Established US corporation
Established corporation in Thailand
Acquired outstanding family-friendly company from Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs
Awarded at National Productivity Awards (leadership, innovation activities sector)
Established obstacle-free playground at the National Assembly‘s day care center
Received appreciation plaque from Yongwol-gun office for the Yongwol ‘1 Company 1 Village' program
Received ‘Korean Association on Smoking and Health Chairman’s Appreciation Plaque’ on No Smoking Day
Easyef received the first international common name certified from WHO
Established corporation in the Philippines
Corporate credit rating upgraded to A+
Selected as outstanding labor-management culture company
Selected as outstanding company for productivity improvement at the Productivity and Innovation Awards
Released Korea’s first 100mg high-content CoQ10
Released high-content vitamin B compound ‘Impactamin Power’
Established branch in China
Minister of Health and Welfare award for family-friendly company
Established obstacle-free playground at Seoul Forest
Lee Jong Wook inaugurated as CEO
Established corporation in Indonesia
'Daewoong Coenzyme Q10' awarded by Minister of Health and Welfare Award at the Health Industry Technology Conference
'Daewoong Coenzyme Q10' received Jang Young-shil Award
Appreciation plaque during parliamentary inspection by the Health and Welfare Committee
Established Vietnam office
Donation to Beautiful Store (Nonhyeon Store)
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Hyangnam Plant acquired ISO14001
Hyangnam Plant acquired International Safety Health Management System certification OHSAS18001
Completed high-tech automated logistics center / implemented APS system
Successfully developed Coenzyme Q10 for the second time in the world
Grand Prize at the Korea Digital Awards
Received Economic Justice Award
Daewoong and Daewoong Pharmaceutical split up
Easyef received KT (New Technology Certification Mark)
Launched world’s first number 1 biotechnology new drug Easyef which is developed in Korea
Hyangnam plant certified as outstanding manufacturing plant (KAIST)

Bold R&D investments and entered of new drug development

1999 ~ 1990
Entered phase 2 for Easyef
Chairman Yoon Young-hwan received Order of Civil Merit, Camellia Medal
Implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
Yoon Jae-seung inaugurated as CEO
Easyef won the Chungmugong Patent Technology Award
Received Minister of Education Award at the Industry-Academic Cooperation Awards
Received Facility Management Award at the National Quality Convention
Received Minister of Education Award at the Industry-Academic Cooperation Awards
Began full operation of the Management Information System
Received Economic Justice Award
Sales exceeded 100 billion KRW
Lee Cheol-bae appointed as honorary chairman
Received Prime Minister’s Award on Labor Day
Completed Hyangnam KGMP plant 2
Prime Minister’s Award at the Industry Promotion Agency Quality Master Awards
Labor Peace Award (Labor and Industriousness Award) from Central Labor Economic Research Institute
Received Outstanding Trademark Award from the Korea Intellectual Property Office
Received Presidential Award by the Ministry of Labor on Labor Day
Received Appreciation Plaque at the 37th General Conference of the Korean Pharmaceutical Association
The first exports, in pharmaceutical industry, to the Soviet Union
Received Korea International Trade Association Chairman Award for increased exports
Received presidential award for the 5 million USD export tower
Received silver medal (indirect sector) Prime Minister’s Award at the National Quality Management Circle Convention

Built foundation for technological partnerships and ventures with foreign companies

1989 ~ 1980
Received gold medal (direct sector) Prime Minister’s Award at the National Quality Management Circle Convention
Received gold medal at the National Quality Management Convention
Developed Pharmaceutical Medical Journal Management Program (PMS)
Moved HQ to Samseong-dong
Received Order of Iron Tower Industry for labor-management sector
Received Order of Iron Tower Industry for science technology sector
Received Minister of Health and Society Award for increased exports of pharmaceutical products
Received presidential award on Science Day (Order of Iron Tower Industry)
Received presidential award for 2 million USD export
Received presidential award on Labor Day Received (Order of Iron Tower Industry)
Received the first genetic engineering patent in Korea
Received Minister of Health and Society Award for export contributions
Designated as KGMP-eligible company
URSA - Designated as official provider for Asian Games and the ‘88 Seoul Olympics
Yoon Young-hwan appointed as chairman, Lee Cheol-bae appointed as president
Received approval to establish central research institute
Completed construction of Daewoong Lilly Plant
Employees began to move-in into new employee apartments
Received Korea Management Awards (education)
Established central research institute
Established Daewoong Lilly Pharmaceutical
Received Order of Gold Tower Industry on Tax Day
Moved HQ to Seocho-dong
Sales exceeded 10 billion KRW

Growth to Korea’s top pharmaceutical company

1979 ~ 1970
Completed production facilities for injection-type antibiotics, opened hospital department
Changed company name to Daewoong Pharmaceutical
Excellence award at the Corporate Public Announcement Conference
Raw materials and technology partnership with Gitse Siraimasu Pharmaceutical of Japan
Began publication of Daewoong Newsletter
Establish Subsidiary Pharmaceutical Research Center
IPO (4th in pharmaceutical industry)
Completed Seongnam plant and moved HQ to Seoul

Daewoong’s dream to build a national company that can contribute to society

1969 ~ 1945
Yoon Young-hwan appointed as CEO
Changed company name to Daehan Vitamin Industries (CEO Park Moon-soo, capital 10 million KRW)
Launched URSA
Moved to new building in Choeup-dong, Busan
Approval for pharmaceutical product manufacturing (Ministry of Health and Society No. 43)
Received Vice President Award at the outstanding domestic product exhibit for the first time in Korea
Founded Joseon Ganyu Pharmaceutical Company